I worked for Carolina Power & Light Company after school, but I always knew I wanted to own my own business. So in 1996, I started a landscaping company, not because I enjoyed mowing lawns, but because I wanted to work for myself. I also began investing in real estate, and today, I own about 40 single-family investment homes. I also invest in commercial properties.

I met my wife because she was my real estate agent for many of my properties! After we began dating, I started to see real estate from the agent’s perspective, rather than just the investor’s, and I debated getting my real estate license. My wife actually tried to talk me out of it! Good thing I stuck with it; I loved my classes and the idea that I was truly helping buyers and sellers.

I was born and raised in Eastern Wake County, so the Triangle has always been home. Growing up, I enjoyed plenty of sports and educational opportunities, and now I love that my five kids get to enjoy those same opportunities. Outside of that, I love the Carolina Panthers and the Hurricanes.

Outside of having an ultra-cool team leader, our team is truly special in the way everyone helps everyone else out—it feels like a big family. Each agent has different skill sets and is always willing to share his or her skills with other agents. There’s also a little friendly big-brother-type competition that pushes and motivates us to become better agents and, for some, better people even outside of work. This is why I ultimately started 220 Agents—because I wanted to build a team that cared more about helping clients than about earning commission.

With all the unique skills and personalities at work in our team, we offer a level of service that most agents or groups just can’t. We work as a team to ensure we have someone always available to help—whether you have questions or you’re ready to start seeing homes.

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